• Dear All,

    As far as I can determine, if you use the Sound Movie Player to playback a .mov that doesn't actually have a video track, then the 'position' output is only updated once a second.  Is this expected behaviour?  I could add a dummy track, of course, but as I'm playing back a multi-track sound file, it seems a bit extreme.

    All thoughts gratefully received.


  • @interluder
    which version of Isadora are you working with?
    which operating system?

  • primaldivine,

    Many apologies for not responding to your question for such a long time.  As it happens, my theory about the no-video-track probably wasn't right.  For a different reason, I remade the mov, (still videoless), and suddenly it started working properly.  I suspect that it's not worth my trying to examine the mov to see if there's something the matter with it - not least because I wouldn't know what to look for.


  • @interluder,

    If you still have the movie, and if it's not too huge, you could post it here and we could check it out to see if we can repro the problem.
    Best Wishes,

  • Mark,

    I'll e-mail it to you straightaway.



  • Thanks @Interluder