JOB: Video Design for ballet - live feed / buffers

  • Hi all

    opportunity for a days work (possibly leading to more) on a ballet production in London. The show will eventully be staged at Royal Opera House - I think in April.

    The ballet is a new critical interpretation of the Bayadere, developed by Shobana Jeyasingh Dance. I did a couple of days R&D work with them in October. The visuals need to be developed solely from camera feeds. The aim is to create live feed visual treatments of the actors, using captures, buffers and playback systems. A pretty specific skillset, so I just wanted make sure people have experience in that.

    They want to use the day to build on the R&D work later this month, probably refining visual treatments, exploring other possibilities. As much as I'd like to continue with the project, I'm already committed now for the next few months to a project in Liverpool, so I'd rather give someone else the opportunity to build on work so far and develop their own practise. The team were really good to work with. Its a great opportunity to potentially work with them and stage something at ROH.

    I think the day in question can actually be screen based, just working closely with the director and designer.  You would have to bring your own equipment, license etc.

    I'm happy to pass on my experimental patches developed so far.  In the meantime ive added two videos of R&D screen grabs online - password for both is 'shobana'

    If you're interested, please contact me, and if possible send a link to your work (as I mentioned, requires experience working with live camera feeds in Izzy) and then I'lly pass on all contacts to the production manager.

    email me:

    hope that all makes sense!


  • @videosmith
    When you say bring your own equipment, do you just mean up till the point of video output?
    Do they have their own projectors or willing to rent?
    Or reasonable budget to accommodate the same?

  • For the R&D day I took down everything - projector, camera, mac, cabling. However, for this initial day, I think it would be just working on a screen to develop visual treatments. After that, looking towards a show, you would need your own equip, or to spec equip for them perhaps.

  • cheers for those who sent me details already - Just to update - have fwd'd them on to David the production manager, so he will likely contact you directly. I dont know if he already has - if not then I guess this is still open