Berlin - informal isadora meeting on 14 feb ?

  • as @Reinhard [innvitated]( us for a izzy meeting in berlin
    this post is to join or discuss goals ( just beer and a get together, or a "theme party" testing the blackmagic sdk, etc …? )
    berlin will probably a wet & cold place but it is berlinale time 
    so apart from our meeting a nice opportunity to see some expanded cinema installations or just films
  • Izzy Guru


    As soon as you now the place and the exact time I can put the event into the troikatronix upcoming events calendar.


  • super, grüsse aus berlin


  • @m_theater

    Thanks for opening the new discussion!
    Would be great to meet the Berlin Izzy users! Thanks to @Michel for the support, but I want to see at least 20 people responding willingly here before I make this official.
    Looking forward to more response!

  • Hi,

    I'm in !

  • sounds great! see you there

  • A date with Isadora for Valentine's day...

    I am in.
  • Beta Platinum

    Very romantic ;-)

  • wish I could, but I cannot :(

  • I'm really interested and we'll be attending (95%) !

  • I can see a few girlfriends getting really jealous and p... Off

  • Tech Staff

    How about a meetup in Canada ;) ?

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    I would be interested to come from Vienna

  • Ok guys,

    can't wait till there are 20 on the list. Herewith I make this an official date!
    The venue will be the rehearsal room of my beloved 'Familie Flöz' ( at
    Lehderstraße 39-41
    13086 Berlin
    The starting time depends a bit on the agenda which we still have to discuss in this thread. As I am an Izzy-User on a quite basic level and @m_theater made the first sophisticated proposal, I hand over the job of an anchormen on this topic to them :-)
    So far I will prepare everything for 16:00\. Dry & warm.
    @Michel - would like to accept your offer to put it on the troika-calender. Title: Isadora User Meeting Berlin
    Confirmation please in this thread or by mail to me (home(at)
    @DusX - you're just 550€ and 20hours of traveling with stops at Philadelphia and Frankfurt away to join this lovely event...
    Ad hoc confirmed equipment: 2 x PS3 camera, 6-core MacPro2014, EIKI LC-X71 with wide angel lens
    (more to come when the agenda and internal logistics are settled)
    Looking forward!
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    I added the event into the troikatronix upcoming events calendar.


  • I am coming too! It is a good chance to continue the "creative space" project,
    that seems to be suspended until Mark is so busy.
    I can bring one/two 3k wide angle beamer.

    Bis bald!

  • Welcome @Ran!

    and @m_theater, @keftaparty, @oscar, @Luka, 95% @Maxime and possible @feinsinn.
    That counts possibly eight with myself - not too much for an 'Isadora User Meeting Berlin' in a 12 x 12m rehearsal room... About the equipment: I now can confirm that we will have access to a Panasonic PT-DX100 with a fixed wide angel lens and two Sanyo PDG-DET100 with F=1,6-1,9\. There is a screen in the room (4,5m wide) and 3 walls, although not perfectly even, are white. So @Ran we will have enough to project with and onto, but feel free to bring your equipment. I would prefer that everyone brings some small stuff, like cameras and sensors, so we have some peripherals to play with. As no one, beside m_theater, has made suggestions for the agenda, I guess this will be the one for the first meeting: meet up, play around, have fun. Maybe we'll find something more sophisticated for the second... For our well-being I will provide coffee, drinks, snacks and plan to get some 'real' food around 19:30 from these guys; Any vegetarians so far? Send me a PM.

    Two weeks to go,
    Looking forward,