How to control a MIDI fader

  • May be a noob question, but how to control a fader (in particular a fader on a channel in Ableton Live).

    As I saw MIDI control actor and midi note send actor send note-message only when a trigger signal come in. 
    What i need is control the fader with envelope actor in Isadora sending continiously value (CC midi note pich is the same) in Ableton like what I can do with a phisical controller.
    P.S.: my problem is NOT how to send a MIDI message from Isadora to Ableton, I'm able to do it with loopMIDI or RTPmidi

  • in Ableton live, you click on "midi" bouton or you tap "command+M" on your keyboard, you click on the fader you want to move and you change the midi parameter in Isadora (with wave generator i.e.).

    The channel and CC number must be read on the fader.
    Another "command+M", it's done!

  • I know how to assign a MIDI control on ableton. The problem is inside Isadora. MIDI send actors send sometingh only when triggered. I need that actors do it continously.

  • as suggested, try a wave generator actor in isadora as a source of constantly changing MIDI numbers.

  • You can connect the same source to trigger as to value change. So you get the trigger as soon the value is changing. Or you add pulse or wave generator(as said above) to trigger input just like a timer - ie 100ms/10Hz.

  • ok, pulse generator solution was my first idea but unfortunately in last relese of Isadora (i'm on 2.0.16) pulse generator can't go faster than 1 hz (soon as possible I submit it in bug area) Any one else have this bug? (win users)

    Double connection (value and trigger) is working, maybe not so refined (double variable cast...Isadora never stop shocking me), but it's working!!!
    thanks a lot

  • Actually value to trigger is preferred some time. Instead of trigger at specific interval you can trigger whenever there is a change in value - no misses when value arrives in between pulses.

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    I also use the vanakaru solution too Connect the value to both trigger input and value input of the  midi send value actors

  • Same solution for me, strange, but it works, I am not really happy with this, haven’t seen in any other midi app. advantage no midi overflow with permanent value trigger. but anyway feels strange.

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  • @skulpure I know how to use midi, OSC, java script and PHP. thx for the info.

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    My comment was for the post creator Maximortal

  • Thanks a lot for your link, I already saw it! ;-) actually I solved my problem with double connection solution so we could consider closed this thread. Thanks to ervery one answered me.