• I'm wondering if it's possible to implement an actor that can redirect a GPU stream to multiple stages without using a texture to video actor?

    with video streams the stage can be set on the projector, but wit the new eye projector or the field gets grayed out when a GPU stream is connected.
    this would be useful for multi-projector mapping, with using FFGL generators which don't have a stage selection option as well as with spout send/receive plug-ins
  • Tech Staff

    Soon FFGL sources will allow the selection of the stage.

    It is an issue of how GPU video works that dictates that a stage must be selected at the beginning of the chain. That is why it is greyed out when connected to GPU-vid.

    I do not know if @mark has a planned feature to address this.
    Personally I can image a 'Hydra' actor that allows you to select the number of outputs, and define a stage # for each.
    A powerful 1 to many video splitter.

  • Izzy Guru


    Or you syphon an route it back into Isadora.


  • Izzy Guru

    'Hydra' I like it.

    Actually I get a few DM/PM's and emails asking me if the MultiVid and/or the MultiMix actor does just this!
    An video matrix actor would be cool.