Crashes with Motu & Matrox th2g

  • i have a major problem with izzy 2.0. In the case i start motu cuemix before isadora 2.0, isadora won't start, else i start isadora before cuemix, isadora & the crashed. Ony a hard reset is able to restart my entrie system. So both applications will not run at the time.

    my system is mbp 15"  retina, osx 10.9.5 , izzy 2.0b16, motu ultra lite mk3, matrox triplehead2go digital se and a midi controller korg nano

    i use cuemix only to mix micros & inputs, i don't use the motu as soundcard, izzy is used for video only

    with izzy 1.3 i did't have an issue

    some hints or workarounds are more than welcome


  • You can check the Console about the crash info. You may see what is in conflict.

  • sorry, i am not 100% expert, what kind of Console do you mean?

  • Tech Staff

    Hmmm this is a tricky one.

    From the sounds of it it sounds like the CoreAudio is conflicting and crashing. But I can't be sure.
    Vankuru is talking about the pop-up you sometimes get like this:
    If you Click Report... then you get a console log.

  • it is crashing without any pop-up, osx crashed complet and restart is availiable only via the on/off button.

    maybe CoreAudio .....  do you have some ideas for a test?

  • I think that Console is showing log of all processes. Specially after hard restart there should be logs of the reasons. On my system Console resides in Apps>Utilities folder

  • Tech Staff

    I would check to see if there are any driver updates?

  • i changed in the system preference - sound back to internal speaker and the interface for the motu from usb to fw via tb, than both applications are running ...  fine for the moment ....  so i believe there is confilct in CoreAudio as mention by Skulpture

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