• Hi all,

    I'm currently working using Freider Weiss's marvellous Eyecon, a simple set up with a dancers movements tracked and used as the sourse of emition for a particle generator. 
    I wish to sample the velocity and excite the particles dependant on dancers speed changing.
    Could come one advise me on best practise to achieve this?
    Many thanks
  • Izzy Guru


    I think a calculator could do this.
    Input 1 - basic X-Y movement data
    Input 2 Velocity
    Are you using MIDI or OSC?
  • Tech Staff

    You might want to look at the '2D velocity' actor.

    Also, a 3D version. Should be pretty easy, Just keep in mind Isadora's coordinate system, may differ from what you receive from Eyecon.
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    Did you get a message from Frieder or another Eyecon-guy? I was also interested in a purchase, but didnt get any answer from their side

  • Tech Staff

    If the coordinate systems are different, this actor may be a help.
    It will convert too or from a center base system (like Isadora) and a Bottom Left system.

    ( I haven't test it much, but it seems fine, just make sure the scaling of the inputs you are sending to are not scaling things.. the Shape actor needed the Horz and Vert positions set to Min Max )


  • @Feinsinn, this is my departments software I'm afraid. My performance supervisor had the software available previously.

    @Skulpture, I'm running the number through as MIDI. BTW, we are filming rehearsals, so you will have blogging material. I think I've got the right guy! 
    @DusX, thanks bro, i'll check out this actor. I'll update you all as to how I get on. :) 
    Thanks for your help guys. Much obliged.
  • Beta Gold

    Now Eycon is free as far as I know. Just ask Frieder since he's switching to Calypso