• Hi Everyone,

    I've got a stupid amount of video that I'd like to control with Izzy.  In total:
    1  1920x1080 live feed (USB camera, displaying onscreen at 1280x1080)
    6  1280x1080 clips that want to play forward and backward at variable speeds (PhotoJPEG style)
    2  4k clips (one fades into the other at normal speed)
    5  1280x1080 clips (normal speed and direction, but each are chosen randomly among three possible choices, 15 total in the bin)
    Here's the kicker :: AT THE SAME TIME!! (one 4k display)
    I have no delusions that this is an absolutely obscene order, but it is what it is and I invite you to think without constraints and offer what kind of a rig would have to exist to make this beast work.
    I have written the patch and tested different codecs (PhotoJPEG @84% and 45% at 29.97fps, H264, etc), and of course everything tanks to 3-4fps.  The biggest drag seems to be the live feed.  I feel like this is a job for Hap but I haven't had a chance to get a 2.0 trial license yet (is there a limit to how much Hap you can play at once?).  In all honesty, I'm not even sure how to math this out :)
    What do you think?  3.5GHz Mac Pro with a D700? Firepro W8000 on Windows 8?  Do I need to get a liquid nitrogen waterfall going on the GPU?  Should I consider running two or three machines and piping it through one display machine?

  • If you want I can try the patch on my rig with the Hap codec. Dual SSDs in Raid 0, a gtx 970, i7-4790 3.6 ghz cpu. I don't know about the 4k, but it should run the rest fine. The only thing is that isadora doesn't seem to like to mix resolutions. It runs better if everything is the same resolution. Someone correct me if I'm mistaken by that.

  • Hi Matt,

    I would take a pc with a good GPU ( GTX970 for ex. ). and a lot of SSDs ( goos sata3 ones ).
    If you do all your compositing using only OpenGL actors ( so basically only the projector ), then I would say it should work.
    For video capture, I would avoid the usb and go for a camera ( hdmi ? ) and a real capture card.
    Have fun !
  • Tech Staff

    Can you supply me a link to download one of the 4K clips, I would like to test it in a couple formats (PM me).

    I would test at least.
     Hap and wmv from SSD... based on some other tests I don't think the 4K will be any problem, but testing should be done.  (are you planning to run multiple clips / mixing?)

    What version of Isadora are you running?? You really are going to want 2.0 for this!

    I am running Windows 8.1 and the latest version 2 pre-release.

  • Technically this is all fine if you do it on the GPU. Hap will be your friend here and as long as you can pull the data fast enough from the drives (raided SSD's maybe) it should be OK. I am not sure about the mixed resolutions and Isadora, you are right the settings panel gives us options to scale to default, biggest and smallest. In this way if you want to keep the 4k as 4k you need to scale everything to 4k.

    Out of curiosity, you say you are playing these all at once on one 4k display? Does the position of the videos in the composited output stay the same or do the videos move around and change size. The reason I ask is if they stay the same size it is much better to do a non real time scale and then encode the movies with hap. If I add all the sizes together of all the videos you want to play at the same time I get a lot more than 4k, this implies osme of your videos will be playing at a smaller scaled size. Can you describe the behaivour a little more- if the clips don't move around on the screen can you post a wireframe of the clip sizes and locations? 
    You can do some optimising - for example if an area of the 4k video is always hidden by another video you can make that part of the 4k video black for the time it is covered. All these little tweaks mean less encode and decode- decoding any video where a large portion of it is true black is a lot less work than moving coloured images.

  • I have also found that live capture slows things down even in 2.0. I worked around it using Spout and Touch Designer to stream all 3 kinect feeds (IR, Depth and color) concurrently into isadora with no noticeable performance hit.

    as far as 4k I'd use HAP. Either way, I don't think there is much more you can do in 1x.
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    Not sure what version you are upto.. and if the current pre-release has it, but the new 'Video In Watcher' now supports Vid_GPU, making it much faster. I am testing right now from my 2 internal webcams (front and back) both at 1080p  and I am getting a rather low load:  ~6-8% cpu usage, and 10-18% gpu, (each source to its own projector)

    Replacing the 2 projectors with the NEW 'Video Mixer' (soon to be released - gpu based), and adding a wave generator at 1hz to the mix amount, I am seeing the same cpu usage, and my GPU usage is up to ~30%

  • @ DusX

    Thanks for pointing that out as I'm at 2.0.0b16 and I don't have the GPU video in actor. I make sure to look for new actors and features but I have never spotted that one, perhaps something about my installation.
  • Izzy Guru


    I am quite sure it came after 2.0.0b16 and thats not yet available for public. But soon everyone can get their hands on it.


  • Tech Staff

    Michel is right, this feature is coming soon. I am really excited about this... the number of possibilities is huge.