• Hi All,

    I have encountered a problem while trying to play the captured video back.
    I have tried to use Isadora's built-in video capture system, and I have tried to capture
    the same video with my webcam software. When I try to play this video back
    in Isadora (movie player>projector) I only get sound, but nothing on the video side (it shows 
    it as pitch black). When I play this captured video outside of Isadora it plays fine, everything is there.
    I have even tried to capture something on my phone and play it back - results are same.
    Curiously, when I try to play some videos from my PC, the movie player works fine.
    Anybody encountered something similar?
  • Izzy Guru


    What version of Isadora are you using and what operating system.


  • Thanks, I have solved this problem with installing different software for the webcam.