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  • Hi All, I have a simple picture player setup using a touch screen for someone to use. You see a picture you push it and outputs to the stage output as a second monitor. If the mouse accidentally goes to the second screen the touch screen can't work because the mouse is on the output side. So I bought a Blackmagic intensity extreme that uses thunderbolt. So, for the operator, it keeps everything limited to one screen. However, to get the pictures to output to the external video devise I have to show stage and that output size follows the stage preview setting which is now 1920x1080. So I have this large overlay on the operators screen that I can't get rid of without losing the external out.

    Is there a way to get rid of this overlay on the main screen?


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    Doesn't the mouse follow the position where you put your finger on the touchscreen?


  • What touchscreen drivers are you using. The ones I use let me specify which screen is touchable and how the mouse position is mapped.

  • If the User interface is monitor 1 and the stage video feed is monitor 2. The mouse will accidentally goes onto monitor 2, than no matter where you tap on monitor the mouse doesn't follow back over unless you use a track pad to manually move it back over.

    Back to the Stage Preview:
    I keep looking for the setting to put the stage preview behind the main User window. I'm just trying to give a clean environment for the operator.
    Oh, did I mention the Operator is my boss, so I can't give him too much grief about his computer skills.

  • Good point Fred, When I set this up there wasn't much for drivers in the mac world.

    This is a good time to revisit Planar's website to see if there are any updates.

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    In the Izzy preference settings under "stages" at the bottom left you have to untick floating stage windows then the preview window will be behind the main user window unless you click on it.


  • You can probably get one here

    This guy will make a driver for your touchscreen for a small fee, they work very well and have a lot of options.

  • Thanks guys.

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    Sorry if this isn't helpful but can you not calibrate the software so it can't go off the screen?

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