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  • Hi am trying to use kinect with izzy via roborealm but izzy not picking up osc transmission...currently using 1234..any ideas...?  Many Thanks

  • Tech Staff

    could you please give us more information about your settings. Are you using 1234 in Izzy and roborealm? What are you sending exactly?
    Did you see this page?


  • Hi yes - am using 1234 in both izzy and roborealm...tried playing around with osc variables in roborealm and it appears to be sending osc bundles however izzy is not picking anything up at all...


  • Dear Ali,

    You should not use the same port number for both programs if they are running on the same computer! This will cause a conflict and you they won't be able to communicate. Use 1234 for Isadora, and 1235 (or anything else) for the other soft. Try that and see if it solves the problem.
    Best WIshes,

  • Tech Staff

    @Mark @ali
    well if you use 1234 in Isadora for the incoming port the outgoing port of roborealm has to be 1234 as well.
    and if the incoming port of roborealm is 1235 the outgoing port of Isadora should be 1235.


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