Isadora 2 3D Particles Bug !?

  • Dear All I noticed a change in the way the 3d particles actor shows .png files.
    I'm actually working on a new series of works based on this actor and I can't find how to get the same
    alpha cut out as with Izzy 1, instead we have the particule's square image.
    I played with all the features, changed scaling, change scene and came back nothing.
    Here are two screenshots, thank you.


    7a3660-izzy1.jpg 032218-izzy2.jpg

  • Hi David,
    Can you send a support request via the website?  We can then track this as a team to see what is happening. 
    Best wishes, J

  • Dear @David,

    Well, actually there was a flaw in the original version that I fixed. But that fix broke your patch.
    Take a look at the first image below, which was made with the 3D particles in Isadora 1.x. If the number of vertices was four, you had a square or rectangle (if you scaled it) and everything was good. But, if you had more than four, you got the image on the right, where you see artifacts streaming out from the edges of the image. That's because 3D Particles was trying to "draw outside the lines" -- and the result is that the edge pixels of the image are repeated.
    In the more recent, 2.0 version, I fixed this problem by scaling the particle size down, so that regardless of the number of vertices, it was always inside the texture. The next image shows the same exact patch in Isadora 2.0\. As you can see, it's what you want if you're using more vertices, but obviously you can't get to the edge of the image.
    I will add two parameters to this actor to allow you to scale the images within the frame so you can have it either way. I won't be able to do this immediately, so you may want to grab the 3D Particles plugin from 1.3 and put it into 2.0\. It should work fine. This article will help you:
    (Make a back up of the 2.0 plugin just in case it doesn't work.)
    Do submit a bug report though -- otherwise, things get forgotten.
    Best Wishes,

    7013ad-isadora-1.x-particles.png b58765-isadora-2.0-particles.png

  • Dear @David,

    OK. Try this version of the 3D Particles in 2.0\. (I cannot guarantee it will work in 1.x)
    Follow the instructions here to install it:
    To get the old behavior, turn the new 'tex scale auto' input _off_.
    Let me know how it works out.
    Best Wishes,

  • So great to understand how this works between versions,  thanks @Mark!
    I know @David from him taking one of my workshops. He does amazing designs inspired by nature.
    Really great.

    x Jamie

  • Dear @Mark thank you very much indeed for explaining under the hood!
    Good news it works great!!
    @primaldivine thank you! I really hope to attend another workshop soon!
    My residency in Amsterdam will be from july 13th to August 20th.

    Thank you all for your great work I'm updating to version 2 tonight.

    Best Wishes