• hallo everybody, i study the forum very carefully, but i can not find a solution to my specific problem. 
    so i hope someone here can help me geting start. 
    i use the focusrite 18i20 usb interface with original driver. i want to route the examplefile voice.aif from an audioplayer to channel 1, 3, 5 und 7,
    it does not work, everything i try brings sound on channel 1+2, it is not important what i adjust in channel field of the audioplayer or which multichannel audiointerface i test( also tested a creative soundblaster usb with asio for all) and on win 7 i can´t find any possibility to adjust any asio things? 
    thanx for advise,


  • Are you certain the Focusrite driver has the audio routed that way? I remember the bussing of the Focusrite driver being somewhat tricky to set, but I was able to get a Saffire to route similar to what you are trying to do.

    I think it requires setting a different bus output from the driver mixer to a separate software output for each channel . 

  • hallo.
    yes i tryed some routings in the scarlett mix console.
    but in this software you can see normally all on the machine processed daw audio channels. than you can take them and route where ever you want,
    so. isadora dont send, in my case, to any output channel than to 1.2, so i can not play the output of differend audio actors to different output channels.

    so a little start help will be great.