Motion Track / Lines around Mask

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    This is probably super simple and I'm just missing something easy in the new Masking feature.  I want to be able to create a mask for a projection mask (a stair case) and then use the mask to create some lines that would animate / react to actors on stage.  Is there a way of using a mask in Izzy 2.0 the same as one might in After Effects (i.e. be able to animate along the path?)  It'd be great to be able to finally do this all in Isdaora, but i can't find an actor to create a clean line (the staircase has a curved part, so I need to be able to trace cleanly!)

    Thanks for helping me solve this silly problem!  

  • Dear @jakeswit

    I don't know AfterEffects so I'm not quite sure what you mean by "animate along the path." I guess I need a better description of what you mean, or else maybe some other AfterEffects experts here can jump in.
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    Do you mean you want the mask to move; animate with key frames?

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    Hi Skulpture ... yes, theoretically I would like to create a "line" and then animate along the path directly in Isadora, since the show will be traveling, and I won't always have time to remake the masks in After Effects.  Said line should theoretically be controllable with different variables from sources (midi, sound watchers etc.).  I can't upload the file here, but uploaded an example here:

  • I think your best bet is to break the animation up into smaller pieces and map them when you get to a new venue. Pretty much all of the current mappers are stuck with the same limitation. Isadora does not have the capability to easily animate lines the way you want. Although what you are after is entirely possible, getting it would involve making it from scratch. Something like openframeworks or processing would get you a little closer but you still need to map (I assume this is what you mean you would need to do in different venues) at each new location.

    Depending on the complexity you could do a lot with one animated line and the mapper...
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    Yes Fred is right. AE is the only way to do this really. Isadora masks are not the same as AE.
    I think what Fred is suggesting is that you could make a single line going from left to right in a video and then take multiple masks of it and place it to fit around the shape.
    Could be tricky and take a bit of time to do.