Video Tracking and Generate Random Lines

  • Hi everybody,
    I'd like to prepare a tracking exercise like this for my students in visual arts
    But I'm having trouble wrapping my head around it.
    Do you know how to have line like this link tracked objects?

    All the best


  • Well, when it's just a pair of points, it's pretty easy: just feed their horz/vert positions into the Lines actor and feed the result into the Projector. The bigger task -- which is more busy work than anything else -- is to ramp this up to several points. If you use the Eyes++ actor to track, let's say, four points, you would need a total 12 lines actors to draw the entire network. (Each point is connected to three other points.)

    Going again with four points, a User Actor that accepted a total of four horz/vert pairs would allow you to ramp up without too much effort.
    I've attached an example. It isn't pretty, but perhaps it will get you started.


  • Dear @Mark Thank you very much for your quick response!
    I'll take a look at it and try to build from it.
    And post the progress.

    Best regards


  • Dear David,

    Glad to help. I think the file could be a useful example to your students of the principle.
    In the end though, scaling this up to dozens of points is something better done in a traditional programming language like C or Javascript than in Isadora. You would just end up with billions of actors.
    Best Wishes,