Building a new movie from footage captured from the live stream

  • Hi All,

    I've been playing around with this set up for a couple of days now and its working fairly well. Each time I press the 'a' it captures 1 second of footage from the live camera and adds it to the bin. The Media Count actor then tells the Envelope Generator++ to increase the range it generates up to by a count of 1\. So far so good...
    What I now need is to be able to get the media count to also increase the the Rate 1 value on the Envelope Generator++ by one, so that each clip that is added plays at normal speed and I dont end up with 20x1sec clips playing in 5 seconds.
    When I attach the output of the Media Count Actor to the Rate 1 input it ends up with the Rate 1 value changing to 0.00x (where x=media count number). Is there an actor which will step this up or something I can do in the value scaling to fix this?


  • Hi,

    I would not use the envelope generator for this but the counter.
    Set the mode of the counter to wrap, connect the 'maximum' input with the media counter and the 'loop end' of the movie player to the 'add' input.
    This way all your movies will be played one by one in their original length forever.

  • Hi @Reinhard,

    Thats perfect, thank you. It wasn't quite working at first until I realised I had to set the "Minimum" on the counter to 1\. Its a much neater solution :)
    Thanks again!
  • Tech Staff

    Also, worth noting that the value was being converted to ms (time in seconds) this is why the decimal points.

    When this occurs you can simple add a calculator actor and X 1000, to set it to the equivalent number of seconds.

  • Thanks @DusX that was what I was also looking for!

    I was looking for "multiply" and "add" of course I should have made the logical leap to "Calculator" from there :)