Input capture to disk as still image....

  • input capture to disk as still image....

  • There is an actor called 'Freeze' - maybe that leads you into the right direction.


  • Hi Reinhard, yes, I know. but in this case I want the freeze to be frozen on my HD… the work is done on the fly and once there is a mistake (like loosing the input channel of a camera) the freeze is also gone and that can't be, so I need to figure out how to get the freeze action to my HD. The capture input  to disk feature is only for movies right now.

  • I understand - but you then can use 'the capture stage to disk' actor and freeze small movies to your HD, that then can be loaded to a movie player again. Ok, that is not a 'real' picture but a still image.

  • It woudl be good to send in a Feature Request for this on the support page. I think it is a good request, and have myself needed it a few times and used the freeze frame movie workaround but it is not a great workaround.
    With the rise of social media/app society, it will only become a more useful feature over time.
    Feature Requests are logged and prioritised according partly to popular demand, so if several people ask for it... you never know.... ;)

  • @primaldivine this has been submitted as a feature request at least 5 times over the last few years. There are many conversations about it on the forum and an apple script work around that is ok but clunky and not cross platform.

  • Tech Staff

    I use this Quartz patch.

  • Tech Staff

    Would love that feature!


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