2.0.1 is handling multiple scenes weirdly

  • I'm having trouble with the newest version. It works really great for lot's of things, but it doesn't seem to respect layers across multiple scenes. I'm trying to play a video in one scene that is activated with the activate scene actor while jumping between other scenes that bring up pictures on top of the video. The video is acting like it is on a higher layer layer and hiding the pictures even though it is on a lower layer. I'm using windows. The video is using the HAP codec.

  • Here are pictures showing what I'm talking about. The first scene activates the second scene which has a picture. Then I jump to the third scene that should have a picture above the picture in scene 2 but it doesn't show up.  6aad84-multi-scene-layers-1.jpg 0219cd-multi-scene-layers-2.jpg fce2da-multi-scene-layers-3.jpg

  • Dear @RoccoD,

    OK. To solve the problem of "dipping fades" mentioned in the [Isadora 2.0 Release Notes](http://troikatronix.com/isadora-2-0-release-notes/) under "CINEMATIC CROSS FADING: A subtle flaw has been fixed" I changed the part of the engine that renders multiple scenes.
    Let me have a look at this and get back to you within the next 24 hours.
    The only workaround I have you right now -- which works in your example but may not be a general solution -- is to deactivate scene #2 using a Deactivate Scene actor scene #3.
    Best Wishes,

  • Thanks Mark. The cross fading is greatly improved with the new version. Also, I'm loving how smooth everything else is running. I have noticed if I have a longer out time than up time I have some weird issues that I believe are related to this same problem. Unfortunately the workaround you are proposing won't work for me since I need the video playing on a scene while I quickly jump from other scenes to fade up pictures on top of the video. The only work around I have is to put everything in one scene, but that is going to be a bear of a task. There are a lot of cues that play over the video.

    I will say that isadora 1 wouldn't have been able to do the show I'm working on. The masking and new geometry features really worked great. I'm also loving the HAP codec support. Isadora is handling them really nicely.  

  • Dear @RoccoD,

    Thanks for the kind words. I know there we're hitting a few bumps in the road with this release, but I'm really glad to hear there are lots of things working for you.
    I have a lot of tasks to accomplish in the next few days, but your problem is on my list and I will attend to it as soon as I can.
    I have this page bookmarked. But it would be great if you could submit a formal but report at http://troikatronix.com/support/isadora/ -- choose "Bug Report" from the topic menu/dropdown. This is how we make sure bugs get fixed.
    Best Wishes,

  • I filed the bug report a few days ago. Did it go through? If not I will be happy to resubmit it.

  • Tech Staff

    got it.
    I added a link to this post, and forwarded it to Mark