• Hello,

    I really like the new Text Draw (gpu, scrolling, bounds and padding, ajustable output…). The problem is it works perfectly alone, but when I wire a movie player on video input, there is no more text and no movie.

    When I unplug the movie player, the text doesn't reappears…
    Another person have observed that?
    I will put a bug report.
    Beside that, great work and bravo for all the staff and the captain.

  • Hi,

    yes, same here on OSX as well. Just discovered if you input new text and then touch the font size the text reappears - maybe a hint for Mark.
  • Tech Staff

    This sounds like its related to a previously squashed bug.
    I will enter this into the bug database with a test file.

    thanks for pointing this one out.

  • I have bookmarked this discussion and will follow up on the bugs via our Help Desk system. I will report back as soon as I have a fix.