"Texture Movie Player" vs "Movie Player" in Isadora 2.0.0b12

  • Hello,

    I´m wondering what is the difference between the "Texture Movie Player" and the "Movie Player" object? Which is is better in combination with the "Texture Projector"? As far as I noticed both ("Texture Movie Player" and the "Movie Player" ) are using vid-gpu, but in the "Movie Player" you can change the PB-Engine. What else makes the difference?
    I am working on a show in Full-HD on a new MacPro with SSD using the Apple ProRes 4444 codec because i have lot of Alpha-cannel stuff. All scenes are using the "Movie Player" (PB-Engine set to Interaction) and the "Texture Projector". Also Izzy-map is in use for dewarping (the projection is on a curved surface). 
    During my programming i hav
  • Tech Staff

    First I would recommend you update to the latest Version 2 release.

    In version 2 the goal it to simplify the players, and projectors. So using the 'Movie Player' and the 'Projector' is the recommended actor combination.

    Unless you are changing playback settings, you will benefit from AV foundation integration, so if possible I would suggest setting PB-Engine to performance.
     (If you are changing playback interactively I would recommend HAP as your codec)