Shortcut for videomapping in useractors

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    In a project with 20+ user actors with projectors inside, it would be nice to call projector mapping from the user actor with a shortcut. Now i have to open each user actor , double-click the projector and so on. I know this approach would not work when you have multiple projectors inside a user actor.

    One other flow could be to add a "trigger mapping" input on the projector actor that could be connected to an user actor input, This way you could add several projectors in a user actors, each with their own trigger. You even could make a selector that calls these triggers, so you could dial in a video mapping just by selecting the number of the projector and trigger it.
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    I agree @barneybroomer, I have already submitted a feature request just like this.
    I think a trigger to launch a projectors mapper would be great.
    The ability to tie this into the Control panel makes me very excited.

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    Hi Ryan, from the control panel would be great indeed. And have the mapping screen popup there as well.  On the fly adjustments while running a show :)

  • And this ties in with an ancient request to have unified namespaces in isadora allowing actors to be linked by name to the user actors that contain them. IF this was so you could have a single mapper page and a dropdown list of all the projectors identified by this namespace.

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    Nice idea Fred !

    And a question has anyone tried effect of snapshots on izzymapping Mayne all this ? could simply be reduced to that. Snapshots could memories also all mapping setups. So no need of a more control panel nor namespace..... What do you think?
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    Fred, that would be a nice solution!