Reverting back to Izzy beta 27?

  • I have run into a few issues with upgrading to Izzy 2.01.  I have sent in bug reports.  There seems to be issues with running a background scene that interferes with the 3D-particle actor being visible.  When the background scene is off, all is well, when it is on; there is an issue.  The scene is a simple transport method of moving to one of hundreds of scenes via a MIDI input keyboard... there are no visual events happening from the background scene.

    All was working in beta 27 and I would like to revert back to it for the mean time as my project is nearing a performance date.  However, I am unable to revert back to beta 27 as "a newer version" response comes up even thought I have trashed the 2.01\.  There must be some folder that I need removed to be able to revert... please advise and thanks.

  • @kdobbe,

    You can force the installer to ignore this warning. Michel has given this advice before, but I think you just need to click on the desired target volume and it will install it anyway.
    For sure there is a way to do this. I tried finding Michel's advice using google but I couldn't see to locate it.
    Does anyone else remember the trick?
    Anyway, start by trying what I said above. Let us know if it works. 
  • Izzy Guru

    @kdobe @mark Actually its just to ignore the message, here is the thread Mark mentioned: Best Michel