• Hi,

    when refining an older patch I discovered issues when fading between scenes with the jump or jump++ actor. I tried to nail this down, but only with partly success and it's driving me crazy - so can anyone please check this and come back here with the results on your machines?
    So, open the attached file, force stage preview, you'll see a big grey letter A. Press 'a' on the keyboard for a 6s fade to scene B. You may (or may not - I was unable to make this reliable repeatable, but I swear it happens) have noticed, that at the end of the transition the A flashes up. Anyway press 'a' again to go back to scene A - smooth transition wether you have seen the flash or not.
    Now comes the - so far - reliable part. Press 's' for a fade with 3s fade in and 6s fade out time. After 3s the half way down letter A pops back to full and stays for the rest of the transition. Press 's' again to go back - smooth transition. It seems to be dependent on the direction.
    Now jump to scene B by clicking on the scene and press 's' again. Letter B popping up - press 's' again - no issue. Not dependent on direction.
    For the sake of completeness - no issues when fade in is greater than fade out time.
    OSX 10.9.5 and youngest adopted Izzy


  • Thank you @Reinhard. Reproduced and fixing it right now.

  • Izzy Guru

    Just to confirm the Jump ++ actor is behaving rather irractically for me also.

  • It's fixed. Coming ASAP.

  • Izzy Guru

    You da man!

  • Ha! Well, if the bug wasn't there in the first place, then I'd be "da man." As it is, I'm just me.

  • Bug in or out; you "da man" cuz you fix 'em!!