• I've been an early adopter of Isadora since 2003 and my last izzy installation is dated 2012. Since then I didn't follow the development of Isadora and only in the last days I discovered a brand new version was issued. I would like to upgrade my 1.x version but I couldn't find how. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I asked on the support page without any answer.


  • I mean that in the site part related to prices, it's enlisted the possibility to have the upgrade from 1.x version at 125 usd.

    Isadora 2.0 – Upgrade (Available Jan. 26, 2015)

    If you own an Isadora 1.0 license, you can upgrade to the exciting new 2.0 features for only US$125. You will need your License Name and Serial Number before you place the order. (If you have lost track of this information, you can request it from us via oursupport page.)[/quote]

    but in the store section it's impossible to buy isadora 2.0 as an upgrade.
    ty again

  • Dear All,

    Everything goes "live" on Monday. You'll be able to upgrade then. Sorry. We're, as most of you know, all these details are up to one person -- me. And I'm behind schedule.
    Best Wishes,