Arduino to Isadora with scaling values

  • Hey there!

    I am trying to program and Arduino that reacts to distance to trigger interaction in Isadora - basically, the closer the viewer gets, the more the image/audio changes (volume/opacity). I have found Arduino trigger info on the forum previously, but nothing on getting the info from the Serial Monitor on Arduino to scale values. Has anyone seen this in the forums, or seen patches that do this?
  • Tech Staff

    Well if you are getting your data from the Serial in watcher, you can scale the values easily with the 'Limit-Scale Value' actor.

  • Hmm - I had thought that the serial watcher only saw that the Arduino had been triggered, not that it actually showed the same range of values as the serial monitor on Arduino showed. Am I mistaken?

  • I am going to try that - thanks so much!

  • Hi @eight ,

    I couldn't open your Isadora file because it was "saved by a newer version".
    but i'm using 2.0.1 and as I know there's no newer version available... Am I missing something here?

    What's your version?

  • @eight

    I can not open this either. Please check and re-upload-

  • I am not on version 2 yet - my school won't let us run beta software. @eight, if you do re-upload it, can you upload it in the current version, not the version 2 beta? I'd really, REALLY appreciate it.

  • Dear All,

    If you 
    1) Downloaded the single .izz file
    2) can't open the file, and it's giving you the "saved with later version" warning
    it is very likely that the GitHub download is corrupting it. This could be perhaps because it doesn't understand what a .izz file is... and is potentially treating it as text instead of binary data.
    However, I just downloaded the entire .zip archive by going here
    and clicking the "Download Zip" button.
    After decompressing it, all .izz files seemed to open fine.
    Give it a try.
    Best Wishes,

  • Thanks Mark!

    It does say that I have to replace the projector and movie player actors because it is an older version, but that is easy enough. 
    Thanks again, @Eight - I am going to try this in class this week & I will let you know how it goes!