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    Does anyone know how to send OSC from Isadora over WiFi? This is to a device similar to an Arduino with a WiFi Shield controlling a few servos.
    I'm using the OSC Transmit actor but assume that it sends directly to the Ethernet connection rather than WiFi.

  • Hi, it should send to the right network card depending of your IP adresses.

    IP of your cabled network card:
    IP of your wlan card :
    Then your device should have an IP like 192.168.1.xxx if you want to comunicate using your wlan card.
    If this doesn't help, then please give a few extra infos about your setup and network settings.

  • @nic

    could I ask you what device is that?
    I've bring trying to use my Lego Mindstorms2 that talks NXT with Izzy for a couple of years and although I can remotely control it trough BT, is not the same of course, I'll have to learn Arduino language I suppose**...