• Hello folks,
    Is anyone else having problems with initialization on 2.0.1?  For me, it occurs in the sound player or movie player volume parameter, as well as in the intensity parameter in the projector actor, but it may occur in other parameters, too.  Initialization is not recognized, nor are any changes made manually within the parameter, i.e. a value is changed, jump to a new scene, then back to previous scene, value is not recognized.  Usually attached to an envelope generator, and the parameter always reverts to the last input from the generator.  Enter scene value is not being recognized either.  A workaround (when I need to initialize at 0 or 100) is to connect an envelope generator triggered by entering the scene, going whatever value I want to initialize, with a time of .01 (see the attached screenshot).  Any thoughts?


  • @knowtheater,

    If you're having trouble with this, please go to the Actors menu and activate the "Pre 2.0 Actor Processing Model." Basically, what you want to do is to revert to the old way of doing things.
    We found a bug in the new system that is being tested by the team right now. The fix will be out with the 2.0 release on Monday.
    The reason for this change is documented in this Knowledge Base article, which is mentioned in the release notes, and should be considered required reading for all Isadora experts:
    I'm sorry for the inconvenience. But it will be fixed very soon now.
    Best Wishes,

  • Ah-ha...interesting.  Thanks, Mark.  So if I am reading this correctly, enter scene value should work to initialize a parameter's value, so long as it at the first position in order of execution.  If I want to force myself to use 2.0 processing, is there a more elegant way of achieving this?

  • For the moment, switch back to 1.x processing. When we release the new version on Monday, download it and the problems you experienced above will be fixed.

    Best Wishes,

  • @Mark

    It seems the last image in the 2.0 processing model document is wrong, as it's linked to the add trigger instead of cur value. I figure some may get confused. 
    I think the new model is more intuitive. thanks.

  • @LPMode,

    No it's correct -- but maybe it's confusing because I use the word 'current' when I'm referring to 'value1' and 'value2' of the Calculator actor.
    The point of that example is this: in the old way, the Calculator wouldn't have output a value, and thus the Counter actor would not increment. In the new system the Calculator will output a value upon entering the Scene, and the Counter _will_ increment
    Best Wishes,