Old machines vs new isadora 2.0

  • Hi all !! im a isadora user since five  years ago ( also an early adopter). i use Isadora a lot with my students and in the workshop of Dance and Technology.

     My question is related to this: some time students have old machines (generaly windows). With old machines i mean small Ram amount and standar inside video card, and/or old windows version. What is better for performance keep using old Isadora verions like 1.3 .25  or change to 2.02  (demo of course) version.
    Thank you very much  as always !!
  • Tech Staff

    As long as the video cards support a minimum of OpenGL 2, I would suggest that version 2 will extend performance.
    The simple matter of moving more of the work load to the graphics card will give you more development room within Isadora.

  • Let me add that OpenGL 2 was released in 2004 -- so it's ten years old at this point. So, most recent cards should support it.

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  • Thanks dusX and Mark !!

  • Izzy Guru

    Keep video files resonable size. Maybe run videos from an external USB 3 SSD when/if possible. Check codecs are right and that ISADORA is optimised as best as possible.

  • Thanks Skulpture ! So what all are you saying that there is no doubt of moving to 2.0. ? Big Hug Maxi

  • I think I read that AVF arrived with 10.7 so does it make any sense to install the new version on my 2009 MBP running 10.6.8 ?

  • Yes, it makes sense. It is totally compatible with 10.6, which is now the minimum OS version you can use. You just won't be able to use the AVFoundation features (i.e., all video playback will be with QuickTime.)

    But, if you purchase the upgrade, all of the new features except AVFoundation will be there for you to use.
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  • Dear all !! so now after all i began testing and had installed isadora 2.0.2 demo version on a

    Dell mini inspiron -4 yaers old- but with xp (for better performance). when i go to show stages or force...  it crashes all the time. Neither with movie player or video in watcher. Any ideas ??
    thanks as always

  • Dear @maxiwille

    Isadora 2.0 requires OpenGL 2.0, which was released in 2004\. Please make sure that the video drivers on your system all support OpenGL 2.0\. If they don't, please install upgrades to bring them up to OpenGL 2.0 and see if that solves the problem.
    Best Wishes,

  • I found that i have 1.4 version of open gl. i went to de intel driver update utility but apparently is for windows Vista an so on. So i will need a way to get updated drivers for OpenGl for Windows XP

    Thanks again
  • Tech Staff

    I have a 10 year old Dell Inspiron 9100 that I test Isadora on. Just so you know its possible.
    Getting XP updates might be tough though.
    What is the video card make/model ?

  • IMHO quickest way is to upgrade xp to w7 an 4 years old machine should easily run it pretty smooth.

    I've tested Isadora 2.0 on a Athlon x64 (!) with 2 gb RAM and w7 and it can run a single .wmv at 25 fps

  • @Maximortal,

    Athlon x64 + 2GB. Ha! Very brave! ;-)