Controlling midi or OSC with wireless game controller

  • Has anyone successfully used a wireless game controller (PS3 or Xbox360 or similar) for controlling parameters in Isadora?
    How did you do it?

  • Dear @Ubik,

    Have you investigated the HID input option in the Stream Setup Window? That should allow you to receive information from those devices.
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  • Izzy Guru

    You will (probably) also need to sync your controller via Bluetooth first.

  • @mark

    Hi Mark. I don't own a controller yet. I was wondering wether it is possible or not, and if it require some kind of additional plugin or hack to make it work.
    I'll try it out and post my results...

  • I've done it with very good results using a wiimote and a programme called Osculator (its very cheap) and works seemlessly with isadora. It converts the movements of the wiimote into numbers and the button presses into triggers and then you just connect those up to your desire inputs.

    One student used it to make an "band" using 4 wiimotes and each controller operated different sounds which four people controlled independently but worked together to create a "song" 
    Osculator also works with all kinds of game controllers, such as xbox and ps3 and guitar hero controllers, although I have not tested these myself but I can't see how they'd really be any different to the wiimote as they all just output numbers

  • +! for OSCulator. Always served me well.

  • I use OSCulator on Mac. Its very stable.
    If you look on their website they list various handheld devices that they give away the OSCulator demo patches for.
    I have mainly used Wii remote with joystick, and also TouchOSC in iPad, with OSCulator.

    I also use a more traditional RF Game Controller, with software called JunXion from STEIM in Amsterdam. I send either MIDI or OSC from there into Isadora.

    Depending on the device it may just show up in Isadoras Stream Setup window, under Human Interface Device.  If you have a USB controller, just plug it in and see if the data reads into Isadora that way.

    The key to doing this is to learn how Isadora sends and receives OSC or MIDI. With that knowledge, you can make most game controllers available to Isadora, and map the controls to anything you want to.

  • Thanks for your input.

    Bought two used controllers yesterday and to my great comfort they appeared in the Stream setup and everything works really great without any hassle.
    Seems as if OSCulator don't support the ps3 controller for some reason, but since Isadora does natively it's no problem : )

  • Very glad to hear. Thanks for letting us know.


  • Izzy Guru

    Woohoo - keep us updated :)