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    Totally stupid and boring bug, but the shapes actor is not responding correctly.  Have a scene with a number of different shapes and only about half load when entering the scene (either directly or fading in).  I've tried to "trick" it into shutting off the actor and turning it back on when entering the scene, but even that only works some of the time.  Even scenes with only one shape doesn't always turn on, and I have to delete the whole actor and projector and start over (no mapping, no fancy corner points -- really simple stuff here).

    Anyway, should be noted!  

  • Dear @jakeswit,

    OK. I think this probably will be solved by the 2.0.4 release which the testing team is looking at now. But I'll send you a mail about this.
    Best Wishes,
  • Tech Staff

    I will give each this a test ASAP.

  • Tech Staff

    I am not able to reproduce this issue.
    Can you tell me what version # you are running?

  • Dear Mark and crew!

    I have this problem to, coming up after our premiere and now its making a lot of problems in our performance. It seams like it got verse when i added a gaussian blur actor. Its a setup with 4 projectors that projects a sphere. So I really need them...
    I have a performance again in a hour and its really unstable...
    I use 2.1
    All best Sissel
  • Tech Staff

    I don't think we can get to the bottom of this in under an hour, but have you submitted a bug report?

    If you could take some screen shots - or send us a test file we will try our best to solve this for you.

  • Tech Staff

    The only thing I can think of very quickly and off the top of my head is to put a video delay actor after the shape and before the blur; on a setting on 0.5 or less.

    it will make the actor think its video and not an image.
    Sorry if this doesn't work and I know it's late getting to you. 

  • Super!

    I try that for now, and then Let me know if you can see anything of the crash reports

  • Hey skulpture!

    When I put a video delay on the output becomes black, probably because it goes through a Add alpha mask....

  • I do not know if this can help you, but add alpha channel also exist in FFGL version, by this way you can youse shape actor in gpu mode...some time it's a bit buggy also for me and switching between em some time solve problems. Some time Izzy is not so deterministic..but you know there is a ghost in the shell

    (i can tell you many stories about how wilful can be PCs..and Isadora too...;-)  )
  • Tech Staff

    The upcoming 2.2 version release addresses how alpha is handled between vid-gpu, vid-cpu and vid-ci

    Its a substantial update with important bug fixes, and MANY new features/actors.