• …is there a way to display the percentage to time calculation in the control window? because i´m working on a show and the coreographer needs to see the time displayed! on the position fader and in sec not in 1>100

    any help appreciated. 

  • This is an old UA of mine.
    This should still work. It displays separately HH, MM, SS, FF of a movie player.
    If you link each output of this actor to separate "Number" actor in the control panel, this should do the trick.
    You have to match the limit max value of each output to each limit max value of each "number" actor to have correct values. Hope i'm clear.. (hum)

    Hope it helps


  • Izzy Guru


    You can download my TimerTool user actor, link the control ID of the "movie timer / number" output to a "edit text" control.


  • thanx @ Michel & Fiffou. Both versions work great !! :)