Use Izzy 2.0 to make files for 1.x-licensed computers

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    When using Izzy 2.0 on a computer with only a 1.x license, the whole application hides any 2.0-only features and actors.
    On a computer with a 2.0 license, is there a way to force Izzy 2.0 back into "1.x" mode for editing?
    Relatedly (sorry for 2 questions in one thread - bad forum practice I know) - when opening a 2.0-created file in a 1.x version of the application, the new names like "Classic Picture Player" shouldn't affect things, right?  This will be the same as Picture Player in 1.x?
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    for your first question, there is no way to switch Izzy 2.0 back to 1.x for editing, you have to actually know what actors are working in 1.x.

    Yes that is right if you use the "classic picture player" in version 2.0 then you wont have problems in version 1.x but they will be named "picture player".


  • Also, you can always boot up a copy of 1.3.1f06 with your 2.0 license, load the file to see if it complains about missing actors. That's the sure way to make sure you've got a 1.x compatible file.

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  • got it, thank you

  • @mark - that's like the tried and tested method for working out the best method of joining two pieces of wood.

    use a nail. if the wood splits you should have used a screw.

  • Dear @dbini

    It sounds like you think being able to work in 1.x mode is important. (Am I right?)
    The thing is, the old movie players are not totally stable on 10.10, because Apple stopped working on QuickTime a long time ago. It could be that by Mac OS X 11, there won't be any QuickTime at all. In addition, it's pretty clear that everyone really wants to be able to do HD stuff, and the CPU actors simply can't handle it. So it honestly didn't occur to me that sticking with 1.x feature set was something that would be important to people.
    But maybe I didn't think it through.
    If you do think it's important, then please elaborate a bit on why. I am always open to consider improvements that make people's experience with Isadora easier and better.
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  • @mark - i was just making comment on your testing methodology. since i put izzy2 on my newest machine, i haven't touched my older machines with izzy1 installs. i should get round to upgrading my second OSX license and maybe passing on my windows license to someone who would use it more.

  • Oh... I see. I was being too literal again. Got it. ;-)