Disable register dialog box in demo version

  • hi all
    i'm setting up an exhibition with 2 mac minis using demo versions and the register/save dialog box stops the minis from automatically shutting down. i've searched here and the old forum and came up with nothing. i'm sure there's a simple solution but i can't find it.
    thanks ray

  • If you make no changes at the start it should quit without asking for save. You can save your project(master) as run only. May this is what you need to do.

  • vanakaru, thanks for your answer. i didn't realize i was changing the patch.

    new problem: i want to press the power button to start and stop the mini but now the stage is behind the user interface when it starts. i thought this wasn't possible.

  • What Mini's do you have? With one or two DVI outs?

    Do you have ”Automatically Show Stages” checked on pref general? If so you should go full screen when start up and show no interface.

  • i've bought 3 mac min 2011 with lion this summer and upgraded them with 120gb ocz  ssd and 16 gb ram. they have 1 thunderbolt port with a vga adapter and a hdmi port with a dvi adapter for the monitor. it works fine with the monitor connected but i want it to run without the monitor or keyboard and mouse. i've got automatically show stages checked. i want it to start and stop by pushing the power buttton because the minis will be mounted next to the projectors in the gallery. when the monitor is not connected the user interface is in front of the stage.

     i did an installation at a museum last dec. using snow leopard and it worked perfectly but with lion it's a bit different
    thanks for your help!
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    Did you get this sorted?