• I´d love to be able to rewire "connections". just to grab the wire and put it somewhere else. just like in Quarz composer.

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    This is possible in Isadora but only on the input side (the actor where the wire goes into) hover your mouse near the dot (not on the dot but a few mm before the dot) and you see a circle with an x in it, now press the mouse button and you will pull of the wire and it is connected to the mouse and ready to connect it to a new input.

    A even better and faster way, this is my favourite way to disconnect a wire, highlight the wire any where and hit cmd+3 and the wire is disconnected and hooked to the mouse.


  • Cmd 3 is just perfect!!! All i needed :) you guys are amazing!!

  • Nice. I didn't know that!

  • Awesome!

    Thanks @Michel

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