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  • Hi,

    I need a help on this patch. It consist on a controller for movie player that use Nanokontrol2 as external controller. It has a bug: first time you get into a new scene you must reset some internal actors (I've placed a specific trigger in to do that, but is "unelegant"). I think it's due to new actor rendering engine that change a lot  behaviour of initlialize option, I readed the article about that, but probably I miss something.
    If some one is so kind to take a look on it I really apreciate.
    To let patch work you must have nanokontrol2 (of course!) an set every buttons in momentary mode, led  mode set to external, midi channel to 1 and CC numbers to default. Atached there is a file for kontrol editor that do all this set up
    Thanks in advance


  • I am not 100% sure but have you turned on version 1 compatability mode? 8f1a66-screen-shot-2015-03-11-at-13.16.48.png

  • nope, it is in 2.0 mode and programmed all the time in this mode, my goal is of course to program every new patch in this mode. In fact if I switch this patch in 1.x mode it doesn't work properly

  • OK just wanted to check.

    I do have a nano control but its a box in my loft as I've just moved house - really sorry! 

  • Tech Staff


    I don't have a nano control but to get around the manual reset you could replace the reset trigger inside the user actor with a "enter scene trigger" actor.


  • @Michel thanks for suggestion but I've tryed it but it doesn't works. Seems dependig from somethig happening just a moment after entering in scene. May be with a trigger delay and enter scene trigger....but is a workaround not a fix.. ;-)

  • Could it be MIDI message issue.

    I would check what is sent and received with MIDIMonitor.

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    Even though I don't have a nano control I took the user actor appart and the trigger that gets everything going when entering the szene comes from the "temp gate" user actor thats inside the main user actor. The only thing I had to change there is the "toggle" actor. Change the init to "on" and click on the "init" text and take out the tick mark for the initializing.


  • thanks @Michel temp gate was introduced to work a round to a strange new behaviour on router actor, before 2.0.5 if values come into it are trigger or similar it does not send trigger when you change output selection. That is not wanted (Mark says) and he probably fix ASAP so for now thanks for your debug, but when fix come out I'll share this patch again without "temp gate".

    I consider this thread close, if someone want to use this patch can do it just have to fix it as Michel says.

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