Isadora changes video playback resolution

  • Hi everyone,

    would anyone know why Isadora decreases the video playback resolution? The actual video file is 720x640,
    but once processed by Isadora on stage it comes out as 320x240\. Would anyone know how to keep the original pixel
    Thanks a bunch

  • Can actually answer it myself>

    if anybody encounters this go to edit>preferences>stage video
    and set the desired output.

  • I have a feeling that what you see is 320x240 rendered on the stage preview window. Does it play right res. on external monitor/projector?

    If I am right and you need to see video in actual size on preview then you can change this in Preferences/ Preview Stage Size.

  • Thanks vanakaru,

    I have found the issue

  • @vienastadas

    Does it help if, in the Media View, you select the clip and enable the HQ button?
    Best Wishes,

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