• Hi everyone,

    I do not have access to the most powerful equipment so I always encounter the problem of video quality compromise.
    It just seems, that my laptop is not able to (a) load the desired file for the playback or (b) to add the effects and manipulations
    I need live-time.
    It seems to be related to file compression and coding. Would anybody recommend any compression which would be particularly
    good for isadora? I have heard, that motion JPEG's are not a bad option.

  • Actually there is dedicated discussion about this.

    For live manipulation PhotoJPG at 70-85% quality is the best still.

    Isadora v.2 will handle ProRes and HAP as GPU process worderfully and H264 is very fast for strait playback.

  • @vienestados
    The advice is very different depending on whether you have a 1.x or a 2.x license, as per Vanakurus message above.

    Here is a useful article for 2.x

    For 1.x stick to PhotoJpg as suggested above. Downsize the resolution from HD to half size if your computer is not powerful enough.

    It worries me a bit that it says you can't load the desired codec.  Which codec/s refuse to load?
    If you continue to have problems consider sending in an official support request and we can get deeper into checking your machine and codec specs to see if you are experiencing issues beyond normal performance fine tuning needs.