Open a .izz file Mac with a PC in demo mode

  • Hi, I've a Patch made with a licensed version 2.0.5 on Mac. I want to open it on my spare computer witch is a PC Window with an Demo version of Isadora 2.0.5. On this PC, Isadora crash every time I try to open my file. Is there a limitation or something to know do to this ?


  • Tech Staff

    Nope no limitation.

    And patches are *mostly* cross platform unless you have used things such as Quartz Composer, audio units, etc. Not sure about FreeFrame. 
    However it should pop up saying can't find X, Y Z plug-in, etc - not crash. Which makes me think its a system thing. 
    Feel free to inbox me the patch so I can try for you.

  • Hi Skulpture, thank you  for your help. I'm novice with Isadora, so be indulgent with my poor patch 7e01ec-lgds-midi-dmx.izz

  • On my computer (w8.1) I can open it (I've swiched to demo unplugging USB key)

    I've attacched the same patch but saved from mine  isadora copy, once in a similar situation it's worked


  • Thank you very much Maximortal. I'll try it as soon I get back the window computer with isn't mine !

  • It also crash with your file. It seems to be the window computer configuration. Thank for your help

  • Tech Staff

    I also, just gave this a quick opening, and had no error.

  • Tech Staff

    No crash here either.

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