Selector Actor expected behaviour clarification (2.0.5)

  • Afternoon folks - a query regarding behaviour of the selector actor...

    Movie Player > Selector > Projector.
    Selector is set to Gated, and given 10 inputs. Input 1 has a movie player attached.
    I set things rolling with 1 selected, and it plays.
    I select 2, and 1 stops playing as expected. Position counter stops immediately. I wait 10 seconds.
    If I then switch back to 1, the position counter leaps forward. The player didn't stop, it continued to play the media in the background whilst selector was switched to 2, but the movie player actor didn't reflect this, and all the connections were red.
    What is the 'expected' behaviour? Should the movie player ACTUALLY stop playing, then resume from where it left off when switching away and back to it using gated selector actor?

  • (As the gate actor also behaves the same way I'm going to presume it's intentional and try and find another way to effectively switch and pause the various movie players.)

  • seems like logical behaviour.

    if its a problem, its easy to work around by triggering values of 0 or 1 to the speed of the movie player.

  • Dear @Marci,

    Well, this is a bit inconsistent I must admit. When in 'gated' mode, the Gate and Selector actors do not give the upstream actors and "attention," i.e. values are not pulled from them. And it does look like the Movie Player stops, given that the indicator at the bottom stops moving. But, the background process of playing the movie is in fact unaffected. That's kind of a separate thing, and it unaffected when you "block" the actor using a Gate or Selector. (This is also the way it was in Isadora 1.x, so it's not a new behavior.)
    As @dbini said, if you really want the movie to pause, you'll have to send a speed of 0 in addition to using the Selector actor.
    Best Wishes,