3D Projection mapping (not Izzy Map) many questions

  • First off- LOVE the software- every thing flows so nicely. Thank you!

    So, I've played around A LOT with the 3D player, 3D stage options, etc actors trying to get my head around this.

    (I'm an animator and interactive artist, very familiar with UV mapping, Resolume, blah blah see my site www.georgeberlin.com to understand)

    MY BIG QUESTION: Is there a way to adjust focal length for the stage or projectors, or the 3D renderer?

    Using TouchDesigner as a reference, there's this cool tool that adjusts camera position and focal length to match projection output:

    My issue is, the 3D player is AWESOME and super intuitive, but without a way to precisely match this, how is anyone using it for 3D projection mapping? Or, is no one doing this?

    Is there a tool I'm missing or some magic mathematical patch/plugin/whatever someone has?

    The tools in Isadora are so great and I want to build all kinds of interactive whooziwhatzits with it, but is this even possible?

    Because then it'd be perfect!


    George Berlin
    Creative Genius

  • Also, if I can get THAT to work... then how does one turn an entire STAGE or PROJECTOR into a video input for something else? I've hacked a bit and not found it...

    My thinking: a stage with 6 different videos on it, which can all be triggered to change to something else. This stage is then the texture for a 3D mapped object elsewhere.

    Make sense?

    Thanks again, folks!

  • Izzy Guru


    Isadora does video map in that way; UV mapping/texture mapping etc.
    In short the only way to video map in isadora is using the IzzyMap feature which is new in Isadora 2.0
    There are no features currently like that described in the Touch Designer post.
    I am not sure what you mean by " then how does one turn an entire STAGE or PROJECTOR into a video input for something else?"
    Do you mean how do you output your final composition/stage into another software? The answer would be Syphon or Spout.
    Hope this helps for now.
  • Tech Staff

    If you are not talking about a Syphon/Spout output, then you might be talking about switching inputs to a single stage. (It sounds like the 3D mapped object is a single output, 1 physical projector being used).
    To achieve this type of switching you can use a number of 'control' actors.
    I would suggest starting with 'selector', many inputs to one output.

  • @GeorgeBerlin
    Do you mean to use the output of a Projector actor back inside Isadora as a new video stream?

  • This could be implemented as a plugin in Isadora, since the MapAmok code is open. Isadora SDK does not allow creating user interfaces needed for this functionality though (also, it supports only cpu video outputs ATM). In the interim, however, nobody stops one from taking Kyle's MapAmok and feed its output into Isadora via Syphon, which is a bit inconvenient, but should work.


  • Yes, I was thinking of how to send the Isadora stage as an input to a 3D object within Isadora. My thoughts were that since the 3D object takes just one image as a texture, could that image be a stage? That way, I could trigger 10 different images independent of one another to one 3D object.

  • So, what are people using the 3D player for? Is anyone using it to map on real objects like that? And is there anyway to adjust focal length that I'm missing somewhere? Also, thanks to everyone for your help, most generous of you!

  • @GeorgeBerlin

    You might want to have a look at using Unity 5 (now free) with the Syphon plugins.
    You can send your images from Izzy into Unity 5 where you can align your virtual camera with your projector and virtual objects with the real world, then send back the Unity 5 scene via Syphon into Izzy. You can then make use of the IzzyMapping tools to fine tweak for lens distortion of your projector etc.
    Here's the workflow from VDMX into Unity 5, [https://vimeo.com/121853854](https://vimeo.com/121853854)
    I'm about to go and DL Unity 5 and try it myself