• hi,

    excuse my bad english...
    i want to use isadora with millumin via syphon.
    I've got 3 layers becomming from millumin in 'syphon to video' actor.
    This actor recognize the 3 layers but activate only the first !! (nothing change when i click the second or third)
    any idea ??
    (i use the last isadora 2.05, apple mac book pro retina).
    thanks for response
  • Izzy Guru

    Could you upload your patch or screen shot please?

  • hi,

    Here is the screen shot.
    the actors can't choose the second or third layer from Millumin... only the first one keep selected.
    Isadora recognize the 3 layers but can't selected .
    thanks for your response.

  • sorry... impossible to upload screenshot.

    here is my patch


  • Here a screenshot with the 3 layers from Millumin



  • Dear @sebloopiotte,

    It looks like the three layers have exactly the same name. Every other software I've tested with somehow gives a unique name to each output. That would cause Isadora not to recognize the second two. Is there any way to change the names in Millumin?
    (I downloaded Millumin to try to help. But I can't see how one adds more than one Syphon output.)
    Best Wishes,

  • Hi Mark,

    You must download 'quartz composer' plugins for Millumin and after you can assign any layer as a syphon output like a effect.
    I ask Philippe to know how rename the syphon output.

  • Well, if the Quartz Composer plugin is the thing giving the Syphon output, then I would make three plugins, each with a different name. Then you can edit the plugins, and change the name of the Syphon output using the Quartz Composer editor.

    Best Wishes,

  • This could help, build QC input for server name.



  • But maybe Millumin doesn't allow inputs to the QC patches? So it might require three separate plugins each with a different file name, and each with a different Syphon channel name inside.

    -- M

  • You are right but it dose like every other QC host I know of.