Trigger events with selfie Bluetooth Remote

  • sorry new here:
    working for a children theater in Hamburg. The actors on the stage need to trigger certain events in Isadora with a very simple remote out of there pocket.
    Is there any way to use a simple selfie bluetooth remote to trigger events in isadora? any hints

    thanks Hanno

  • I've used a wireless presenter, use for powerpoint/keynote etc. with sadora. and it looks like this is the same.

    they all trigger keyboard commands, I used a keyboard watcher so the performer could advance cues. Isadora has to be the active window to respond as otherwise the key is sent to whatever program you have in focus. 
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    How about OSCulator? Same concept as Wii Nintendo

  • Thanks, feinsinn, ordered one of those and will try if OSCulator will recognize it. Will get back with my results. Hanno

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    Go to the Isadora menu "communications --> stream setup" and choose "Human Interface Device (HID)" click the "Auto-Detect Input" checkbox and press a button on the device and look if something shows up in the window.


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  • Hi, 

    now I got the remote, it is connected via bluetooth and shows up as a keyboard, pressing the buttons leads either to **volume up** or **enter.**
    As the device is not communicating with Oscillator, nor does **the stream setup** is showing anything ,  I tried the anything actor to trigger my events, but I got no clue what the name of the enter-key or the volume- up-key might be. tried to google with no results. Any ideas?
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    I can imagine that this software MidiStroke ( would recognize the input and send an midi note to Isadora.

    Best Michel

  • I'd check if the device comes with a utility to re-program the buttons. but it sounds like it's a media remote for controlling media center app. Do you only have two buttons?
    You can try re-programming the way the OS reads the keyboard keys, but you probably don't want to reprogram your enter key.
    for windows
    for mac, I think there's something built in.

  • thanks for all your ideas, I decided to buy a different remote model and will share my experiences when it works!

  • it works! so far I bought one Aiturn digit 2 remote with works stable with bluetooth, it sends basically 5 signals (arrow, up, down, ...) with can be transformed into trigger pulses, now I am going to buy the footswitches from Airturn and try if it works simultaneously…. let you know.

  • problems with the distance though. Seems to work only within 5 meters from laptop.

  • Izzy Guru

    5m is pretty good going for bluetooth.

    Baring in mind it's quite old tech, low powered and arguably only used inclose proximity; sharing pics/sounds between phones, bluetooth mice and keyboards, etc. ( _Just sayin'_ )