• Imagine a simple Patch! a counter, a picture player and a movie player. We have 100 slides exported from a power point presentation all works fine but now i need a preview of the next slide. i found no way  :( any  ideas?

  • Would it work if you have one stage just for yourself and second for projection?

    Or a Controls setup where you see thumbnails of you r media in a bin and a preview window?

  • like this 8de526-screen-shot-2015-03-21-at-14.48.19.png

  • Tech Staff

    see attached image

    @vanakaru 's suggestion is right, set a second screen and use the preview window for your preview. The calculator automatically adds plus 1 to the preview window.


  • or like this c9d630-screen-shot-2015-03-21-at-15.07.33.png

  • @ vanakaru. i tried the bin picker but as it is all text images in ditfferent fonts and size one can't read it  :( no matter how much i increase the size of the bin. i will try the 2 stages!

    ps: and could you please enable edit mode for your last version in controls...

  • Button=1

    Preview=2(video out)
    StageOut=3(video out)


  • You do not need two stages actually. Just leave one picturePlayer without a Projector and bring it to control panel(as nr2). f6c722-player-with-preview.izz

  • @ vanakaru & michel 

    thanx again for your help & hints. i had to adjust it a little (to my needs) but it works great now.:)
    for anyone who wants to use it. sometimes when u open the file and press start you need to press previous > next to be on the right slide. 
    feel free to use it


  • @vanakaru, @gapworks, Thank you very much!

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