Unify texture streams for different stages ?

  • Hi Core Team,

    we are at a moment to decide which software package to use for the upcoming production
    one feature which would definitely be needed is the inter stage routing of movie to different stages
    @mark i think you announced it for an upcoming release, as an option to loose the stage binding when working with one gpu only
    do you have a release day in mind ?
    thanks & many greetings

  • Dear Clemens,

    Thanks for the reminder. I will attempt to get this out soon, but if you really want to try it, PM me and I'll see if I can get you something earlier. Right now the option isn't there, so at the very minimum it's at least a week before I could get you that version.
    Best Wishes,

  • @mark,
    This is something I sorely miss, as well, and look forward to seeing it again.
    v2 rocks!


  • Currently, for windows you can use Spout or Syphon to route the streams to different stages. It was suggested in a different thread, and the stage routing is available for Spout in Isadora 2.02

  • @mark, many thanks for the offer i will have tomorrow a meeting which shall result in a more detailed list of requirements, as your development time is a rare asset, i will pm you soon with the decision

    @LPmode, i think i gave a comment on that methode :) but dealing with two dual heads and 4 HD projections this is to much a workaround for me for that production …
    thanks for your comments
  • Tech Staff

    I have been running all my effects and such in vid-gpu, and right before sending to the projectors.. using 'texture to video'

    the vid-cpu stream can then be linked to different stage projectors. there is a cpu hit in converting texture to video..  but I have found that its much less that what I gain from the GPU pipeline in effect processing etc... I can maintain 30fps in my setups.
    It might be a solution for you. Just do as much with the GPU as possible.