Is it a bug? ASIO and Isadora a story of love and hate

  • As you can see in signature I'm on w8.1

    My goal is to use Isadora and Ableton Live on same PC 'couse I need to have multiple mic in (through my scarlet 18-20)
    To be able to use USB intarface I need to use Ableton with ASIO dirvers (otherwise win recognize jus 2 in and 2 outs) and off course Isadora does not send out audio when an ASIO device is in use. To workarund I've extracted audio tracks from videos an I've placed em on Live (on an indipendet track where start come from Isadora through MIDIloop port) I'm not totally sure about sync between video and audio, some tests gave me ambiguous results, but I assume it as good. My problem is that in this scenario movie player actor does not send loop end trigger and does not play in loop, if I quit Ableton it return to normal, so I presume problems come from ASIO, is that a bug or a necessary behaviour due to render model?

  • @DusX, I think I need your help here.

    Can you comment on this?
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    I haven't used an audio interface with as many I/O so there may be something here that isn't going to work..

    But to do similar things with Isadora and Renoise, I have been using Virtual Audio Tools from

    I have been using both the "voice meter" and "Asio Bridge"

    Basically I've run Isadora and Renoise into "Voice Meter" and done the mixing there. I used the "Asio Bridge" to send from renoise, and the virtual input for Isadoras audio. This probably won't work for you because of the number of I/O, but I suspect, that routing Isadora into Live, via one of these tools should work.

  • thanks a lot, I'm looking it and seems to be the solutions, if not it's interesting anyway.

  • Another option would be to retrigger the video from Ableton via midi or osc.