User interface in front full screen stage, lion

  • hi all
    i want to automatically start an installation by just pushing the start button on the computer. i did this last september using snow leopard and it worked perfectly. now i'm trying to do the same using lion on 3 mac minis 2011 with a hdmi and thunderbolt ports. when the monitor is connected it works fine but when only the projector is connected the user interface is in front of the full screen stage. the projector is vga connected to the thunderbolt port with an adapter. does anyone know what i need to do to fix this?

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    I don't know where the problem could be, but maybe the full screen gets opend first and the user interface later.

    Try this:
    deactivate "automatically show stages" in the preferences. Place a "enter scene trigger" actor that goes through a "trigger delay" actor and at last this triggers the "show-hide stages" actor.
    Does this help?


  • Or it may be the display you have put on stage at Preferences>Stage. Try to put the projector to DVI port and monitor to thunderbolt and change the stage accordingly.

    I do not have these mini's to test so it is really just guessing.
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    yes like @vanakaru says, maybe the display number changes when you only have one monitor/projector attached.

  • thanks you guys. i'll try your ideas. if worst comes to worst i'll attach old monitors to the minis with long cables and just hide'em somewhere. ;)

    best, r

  • tried the trigger delay /show stages solution and it works perfectly! didn't try the dvi port solution, my old projectors don't have dvi ports.

    thanks again to both of you!

  • Glad you've got it sorted Ray,

    just wanted to add that screen numbers do indeed change depending on what is plugged in, although when more than one screen is involved I'm never quite sure how they allocate the numbers. I've only found this to be a problem on larger macs before tho, we use a pro with 2 video cards giving 6 outputs (2 thunderbolt/mini-display and 1 DVI on each card) and I swear it makes it up as it goes along.