[REQ ]Collect project with files

  • This just regurgitating the old feature request of saving with collection of all associated files. Would be brilliant for preshow distribution onto show computers and for archiving!


  • I agree

  • Izzy Guru

    Well this works as long as you only have one movie per scene but what if you change the movie number in one scene. How can Isadora know what movies you are going to choose.

    I would like this feature too, but how to do?


  • I think that Isadora's missing media/actors dialog at the opening is pretty good feature already. Comparing to some other apps where you only option to recall the movs you used is to open saved file in text editor and try to find a clue there.

    On mac you could make a reference mov that acts as a pointer to actual mov file. If you need to be organized then keep these along with your patch files in a same folder.
    Over the years I find enough to keep all the media I use/make in one place(one external HD). When using a patch I copy the files on to internal SSD and delete after show. If needed special instructions I add Comment onto the patch.
    So maybe creating reference mov and so on could be made as a saving option.

  • Dear All,

    I think, for many people, simply collecting the movies that are currently chosen in the media players would be a decent solution; that's because a lot of video designers for theater are not interactively choosing movies by changing the 'movie' input of the Movie Player, 'picture' input of the Picture Player, etc.. For those choosing clips interactively (especially, for instance, using a Random actor) there really isn't any way to be sure that all the necessary media would be included. I guess that, if any movie player has a link to the 'movie input', a warning would need to be generated indicating that the collected media may not include all of the required media.
    Best Wishes,