• Hi guys
    Ive sent a report and hoping I can move on with the design (show this week)
    I've put a question make after bug as it's probably me #Novice
    Its pretty much a simple set up of  2 sound players working fine (pic1) until I add the 2 movie players (with CKey actor) (pic2) to give it visual content. 
    So with the sound only set up on 3 scenes, I can pretty much snap from scene to scene no problem, when I add video it crashes.
      If I save (with video included) and restart Isadora the scenes will work fine ...once. It's only when I go back (to previous scene) it crashes.
    Sound files are 16bit and SampleRate - 44,100
    All video files (pic4) were converted by izzys 'compressmovies' app. (Is this still necessary with Izzy ver2?)
    Automatically Generated Error Information:

    Error: !(mBusy == false)
    File: CSoundFileObjRef.cp
    Line: 77
    Active Scenes: | 2ndFail | Puck |

    18aada-screen-shot-2015-03-29-at-16.09.59.jpg 79c1c6-screen-shot-2015-03-29-at-16.11.01.jpg 8f508d-screen-shot-2015-03-29-at-16.11.18.jpg

  • Dear @goodboy,

    I've responded to your bug report. Please follow up with the requested information and I'll see what I can do.
    Best Wishes,

  • Thank you Mark