• Hi, i have un BM intensity extreme thunderbolt, there is 2 in (one HDMI and one YUV) but i can have the 2 video streams (720p) in isadora at the same time .

    In the BM preferences, i have to choose what is going in, HDMI or YUV...
    Do you know there is a solution with this card ?
    If not, which video card can do that ( less expansive as possible)
    thank you !
    MBP core i7 @ 2,3 2014

  • You need wither an unltrastudio 4k or 2x of these capture cards, in the manual it is clear they get one stream at once. There are multi input models like the duo and quad from black magic.

  • @Fred is right. You can only capture one type of video (HD 1920x1080, 1280x720, SD, etc) from each input. You'll either need multiple cards or a card with multiple inputs.

    Best Wishes,

  • thank's a lot,so  i have to save money ! ;)