• Hi guys

    This is a weird one and has nothing to do with Isadora, but I'm hoping someone may have come across this in the past.
    So when I project my image/video it's fine
    When I introduce sound it's fine, but when I turn up the volume on my desk the projection shimmers/shakes (its the only way I can explain it)
    I though at first it might be the Mac that I'm running izzy (and sound) thru, but I get the same result when playing audio from different sources (my two other computers)
    It also seems to happen more with low bass frequencies 
    The only thing connecting them all is the sound desk. The sound desk is new and I've used the same set up a few months back with no problems
    I also checked if video and sound cables were touching or near to each other.
    Our show opened tonight and runs till Sat, any ideas or check lists would be very welcome.
  • Tech Staff

    Any chance it's the bass vibrating the projector.

  • Hi DusX

    No is the short answer I guess, the image is stationary (the edging of the image stays still). 
    You can tell it's internal and within the cables which is the first thing I will change when I go in tonight, starting with my video cable.
    Thanks for your reply :)

  • It seems some ground problem. Try to pur a couple of d.i.boxes in audio chain, between PC and mixer or between mixer and loudspeakers .

  • Thanks Maximortal

    That sounds like good advice and worth trying.

  • are you in a theatre with an induction loop for the hard of hearing? i once discovered a Sennheiser system was interfering with the projector, but only with certain sounds.

  • Hi dbini

    No, we don't have an ILoop,.... 
    and no radio mics in use.

  • @goodboy,

    Yeah, outside of something really bizarre, ground loop would be the first thing to check.
    Best Wishes,

  • Thanks for all the help,

    I will try the di box fix tonight.

  • Thanks Maximortal

    That worked! (di's between sound mixer and speakers)
    Thank you all
  • Tech Staff


    Glad you got it figured. I had to ask about the bass ;)

  • Thanks DusX ;)

  • D.I. Boxes are best friend of every technitian!  :-)